From Homeless To Apartment Living

This has been a long hard winter for more families than ever this year.  Streetlights of Bethany has served over 150 clients so far and it’s only March 8th!  There are many more clients assisted by simply providing prayer, counseling and referral to community resources. Those are not even counted.  Most of the 150 clients have been “wrap around” cases. This means that they are provided ongoing support in what ever area is needed to knock down the barriers preventing them from coming off of the streets as well as meeting urgent needs such as finding dentists to provide free dental care, clothing, bus fare, taking clients to the Department of Social Services, Social Security, The Department of Motor Vehicles, paying for Birth Certificates picture ID”s or driver’s licenses, paying for multiple nights at Motel 6 for several of the wrap around cases, providing for food, etc.

One such wrap around case was Rebecca.

She is a young mother of two who was referred to me by the Greenbelt Police Department. She had gone to them for help when she did not know who else to turn to.  I immediately picked her up, fed her and placed her into Motel 6. Members at University Christian Church and NAMI, Trinity Assembly of God, CUCE (Congregations United for Compassion and Empowerment), Abounding Grace Church, Christian Life Center,  First Baptist Church of Laurel and many individuals donated hundreds of dollars over the next three months, enabling me to keep Rebecca and her little one safe while networking with Rims, Greenbelt CARES, Children’s Hospital, Laurel Regional Hospital and many others. Because of medical barriers they could not enter into shelters so without God’s intervention using His people, the young mother and child could have and probably would have frozen to death this winter. Instead, thanks to the hard work of her doctor, her social worker, her pastor, RIMS and eventually PEP and other Streetlights partnerships … Rebecca is now in the only home she has ever had since aging out of the foster care system more than FIVE YEARS AGO!

Another young women was referred to me by The Job Corp and was homeless. I placed her into Motel 6, then into Safe Journey House. She is now in her own apartment through VESTA.

Marquis, the teen we helped get placed into Hearts and Homes for Youth is still in his apartment and going to college this year!  Thanks to Ms. Bessie, he has a computer, etc. and is ready to go!

Tommy is now in permanent housing and lives in his own apartment as well, thanks to the V.A.
Gary is also in his apartment and doing well thanks to LARS.

Be assured, without Almighty God’s blessings none of this would have been possible. Thank you JESUS!