Ways to Participate

People who pray


Those who can collect the following:

  • leads for employment process
  • funds for medicine
  • funds for eviction prevention
  • funds for bus passes
  • funds for one-on-one meals
  • provision of food for onsite group meals
  • provision of emergency food delivery
  • housing options
  • pro-bono lawyers and medical/dental caregivers clothing, blankets, temporary shelters, toiletries, showers, laundry
  • funds for undergarments or clothes for those confined in nursing homes
  • families who will “adopt” indigent families or individuals


Outreach Workers to offer

  • distribution and Christian ministry for onsite group and individual meals
  • transportation to multiple resources (Social Services, Social Security, churches, doctors, classes, court, providers, etc.)
  • jail and elderly visitations
  • on site intervention in woods, streets, shopping malls, under bridges, etc.

Organizations or individuals that would offer:

  • medical and dental Pro-bono services
  • legal
  • auto repair
  • professional counseling
  • motel accomodation
  • Desktop publishing, web site and marketing skills
  • grant writers


Product donation on an as-needed basis

  • autos
  • food
  • clothing
  • tools
  • bookbags
  • carts for possessions of homeless
  • temporary shelter


Tax-deductible financial donations

  • monthly donation
  • one-time gifts
  • project sponsoring
  • tuition costs
  • job re-entry expenses (eg. tools, uniforms, transportation costs, childcare)


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