Scope of Service


      Locate homeless in their own environment and provide emergency assistance when able

      Establish and maintain individual case files

      Conduct preliminary assessment and analysis of needs/interests

      Transport participants to support services

      Provide monetary support for program enrollment services

      Provide food for meetings throughout week

      Contact community agencies in advocacy for participants

      Maintain communication with community support individuals and organizations

      Assist in taking the census of the homeless in Prince Georges County by working with the Department of Social Services

      Train others as interveners with information and referral assistance

      Attend social services and other related agency meetings as relates to homelessness

      Promote expanded community support (businesses, churches, neighborhood organizations)

      Convene meetings with the homeless where they are and also by bringing them to local churches

      Engage in activities to expand funding support base (e. g donation solicitation, grant applications, etc.)

      Maintain 24/7 Crisis Hotline

      Conduct ongoing Bible studies and support group sessions

      Provide quarterly updates/progress reports on program impact/outcomes on our webpage:


As this is a home missions work and Rev. Bobbi Troyer is a Crisis Intervention Missionary Evangelist who is on a faith walk totally dependant upon God, we unashamedly request physical and financial assistance, grants and other donations at this time. We are tax exempt and all donations may be made out to Streetlights of Bethany and mailed to Streetlights of Bethany, PO Box 432, Riverdale, Maryland 20738-0432. You may reach Rev. Bobbi by calling her 24 hour crisis hotline at 1-866-377-4379.