Streetlights is practical evangelism in Jesus’ Name

Streetlights of Bethany is, in a sense, the Holy Spirit’s “Paramedic Team” sent by God to rescue the lost and suffering among us. We first seek out the hurting, assess and then meet as God enables us through you to meet their immediate needs, Jesus, shelter, food, clothing, etc. and then like paramedics, we transport them to the existing Christian and secular resources in our communities.

Our goal is to connect the wounded people among us to resources of their choice that will provide long-range care and rehabilitation with particular care to place them in a local Christian church. Although coming to Christ is not necessary to receive our help, without Jesus in their lives we know that our clients will not succeed in turning their lives around.

We minister mainly to the homeless, serve those who are at risk of becoming homeless; and those who were recently homeless.
In addition to the homeless population, we reach out to those who are bound by addictions, mental illness, etc.

Streetlights of Bethany goes out into the streets, under bridges, in the woods, in and around malls and other businesses where the homeless are and engages them in order to build relationships. We build trust by meeting immediate needs where possible. During our first interview, we make assessment as to the most effective steps to take in order to assist each individual in making and achieving goals to return to housing, jobs, families, etc. We often take our clients to local fast food restaurants in order to provide a meal for them, as well as quiet, comfortable and safe place to rest as we are conducting our intake interviews.

Examples of how Streetlights of Bethany practices “Practical Evangelism”.

After making assessment of immediate needs, we assist clients in getting to the existing resources in our communities to meet those needs and accomplish their goals. Some of the ways we assist are:
• taking our clients to emergency shelters, detox or hospitals
• taking our clients to their parole or probation appointments
• taking our clients to the department of social services and assisting them in filing for services
• arranging for re-unions with family members
• advocating for the client as needed

According to Crisis Response and Community Crisis Services, there are no other organizations, that they are aware of, who provide this type of transportation service.

• We assist the client in finding emergency placement in shelters or placement in programs which specialize in that client’s needs.
• We provide food for our clients, in their surrounding, both hot and cold, as well as juice, coffee, or water
• When possible we provide a set of clean clothing,
• In certain situations we will provide sleeping bags, blankets, etc.
• We transport to and pay for showers, providing the soap, wash cloth and towels
• We educate our clients in goal setting and assist where needed in order for them to implement those goals

Most importantly, we provide continuity; as we continue to follow-up with the clients and assist them as long as they desire.
For many we have become family. Some clients are still in touch after 20 years.

Streetlights holds Bible studies in public areas, in buildings provided by our partners, etc. to whomever desires to learn more of our Lord’s Love for them. We also provide one-on-one counseling until they are able to obtain those services elsewhere. We transport to churches, hospitals, detox, rehab programs,social services, social security, DMV, shelters, go with them to their parole offices, etc.