REQUESTOR: Reverend Bobbi Troyer, Executive Director, Streetlights of Bethany

PRIMARY ROLE: Crisis Intervention Evangelist

THE MISSON: Practical Evangelism in Jesus’ Name

PURPOSE: To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through practical evangelism to the Poor, as Jesus’ hands extended, to heal the brokenhearted, to repair the shattered, leading them by hand to caring community resources and churches

PROJECT FOR WHICH WE ARE REQUESTING FUNDING: Emergency placement into motels until suitable solutions can be found. It is also requested that we obtain funding to enable us to minister wrap around care as we provide practical evangelism in The Name of Jesus.

HOW WE RECEIVE OUR CLIENTS: We receive referrals from many different partners, including but not limited to: local churches, police departments, City Halls, Hospitals, County and City Government officials, The Department of Social Services, Shelters which are overloaded, other organizations and ministries which minister to the homeless, motels, teachers, individuals and the homeless themselves.


Streetlights of Bethany was founded as a street ministry in the early ‘80’s by Reverend Bobbi Troyer and in 1986 Streetlights of Bethany was granted 501c3 (tax exempt status). In June of 2007 Streetlights of Bethany was registered in the state of Maryland.

Rev. Bobbi founded “Streetlights of Bethany Ministries” (a Christian street ministry) in North Carolina and also worked as the evangelist for “The Caring Place” in Asheboro, North Carolina. She has been involved in prison ministry since the late 70’s.
Later she moved to South Carolina to work with Youth Challenge for awhile, and then founded “Streetlights of Bethany in South Carolina. Some of the ministries of Streetlights of Bethany in South Carolina were:
• “Mary’s House of Bethany” (a Christ centered residential program for women),
• Martha’s House of Bethany (a clothing closet and food pantry)
• Lazareth’s House of Bethany (a homeless men’s shelter)
• Drop in Center open twenty four hours a day
• Church services at Streetlights on Friday evenings and transportation to local churches on Sundays and Wednesdays.
• Prison ministry which partnered with The Good Samaritan Prison Ministry. We went to Perry Correctional Center and Women’s Prison in Columbia, South Carolina. She was able to minister to men on death row as well as church services.

“Streetlights of Bethany”, South Carolina was an urban church which among other ministries was a “People That Love Center”, an “Operation Blessings Center”, a South Carolina Crisis Hot Line and Crisis Center; as well as being a church to the un-churched poor in a town active in adult male prostitutes, young boys who were pushed into prostitution by family and pimps, female prostitutes, drug and alcohol dependant children and adults. We held an after school program using the Christian “Sing Spell Read and Write” phonics program and tutored children and adults. Streetlights saw several adults learn to read in this program, not only school aged children.

Rev. Troyer has been a key note speaker at events such as “The People That Love Center’s Directors International Conference” in the 80’s, Ladies Ministries of various denominations, and Aglow meetings in Maryland, DC, North Carolina and Virginia.

In the 90’s Rev. Bobbi went on sabbatical, going home to be with family in Riverdale, MD. She began to feel the call again in 2005 and began ministering to the homeless in Greenbelt, MD while a member of Greenbelt Baptist Church. In 2007 Rev. Bobbi registered Streetlights of Bethany in Maryland. Rev. Bobbi is on a faith walk with no salary since 2005 and is available to clients on a twenty four hour a day seven days a week basis. It is the board’s hope that Streetlights will grow to be able to provide Rev. Bobbi with a small salary.


  • Reverend Bobbi Troyer Founder/ Executive Director
  • Susan Coles Treasurer
  • Dr. Bill Jones Bookkeeper
  • Barbara Miller Secretary
  • Chaplain Jim Penn
  • Reverend Ben Slye
  • Reverend Gloria Grant
  • Reverend Jonathan Woodard