About Rev. Bobbi

Shortly after her salvation and deliverance from depression, suicidal tendencies, dancing in bars, prostitution, and the other sins that go with that life style, Reverend Bobbi Troyer began ministering to the broken hearted people she understood best.

From those early days of ministry in 1978, to prostitutes, homosexuals, transsexuals, drug addicts, homeless people, incest/rape victims, suicidal persons, as well as to housewives and business people who were hurting, rebellious teens, etc, She unashamedly uses the needs of the people she meets as “bait” to catch lost souls during her “fishing trips” in order to introduce them to her Lord Jesus. In the process of bringing them to the existing resources of the town she is “fishing” in, she is able to assist them, one person at a time, to a new beginning, a new life with hope and love. As she ministers to someone she assesses the needs of the person, then brings them to the local agencies, organizations, churches, etc. where the person can be assisted by the community as a whole. This continues to be a very effective way to bring a person from despair to hope. She then mentors those who are willing and trains those who are called to “follow Christ” and allow Him to make them “fishers of men” as He said in Matthew 4:19.
She visits jail inmates as part of her street ministry, currently serving through “Good News Jail and Prison Ministries” in Upper Marlboro, MD. She has served as a volunteer in the “The Good Samaritan” jail ministry which served “the Women’s Correctional Center” (WCC) and “Perry Correctional Center” both of South Carolina as well as volunteering for several different house ministries in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Arizona. These included “Koinania House”, “The Caring Place”, “Teen Challenge”, “New Life for Girls” and “Youth Challenge”.
Rev. Bobbi founded “Streetlights of Bethany Ministries” (a Christian holistic street ministry) in North Carolina and also worked as the evangelist for The Caring Place in Asheboro, North Carolina. Later she moved to South Carolina to work with Youth Challenge for awhile, and then founded “Streetlights of Bethany- South Carolina. She also founded “Mary’s House of Bethany” (a Christ centered residential program for women), Martha’s House of Bethany (a clothing closet) and Lazareth’s House of Bethany (a homeless men’s shelter) in South Carolina in the 80’s. “Streetlights of Bethany” street ministry, South Carolina was a “People That Love Center”, an “Operation Blessings Center”, a South Carolina Crisis Hot Line and Crisis Center; as well as being a church to the un-churched poor in a town active in male prostitutes, female prostitutes, drug and alcohol dependant children and adults.
Rev. Troyer has been a key note speaker at events such as “The People That Love Center’s Directors International Conference” in the 80’s, Ladies Ministries of various denominations, and Aglow meetings in Maryland, DC, North Carolina and Virginia.
Reverend Troyer, who was raised in Riverdale, Maryland; is now ministering in the Greenbelt and surrounding area, and has begun a Maryland “Streetlights of Bethany” ministry. As she did in the other states that she has worked in, Bobbi networks with any Christian church or ministry that reaches out to the community. She also networks with the secular community programs and agencies in order to meet the various needs of those to whom she proclaims The Gospel.