Manna from Heaven

June 23 I served in the ministry “Passion and Compassion” which is a ministry of Christian Life Center in Riverdale Maryland. The people came to “P and C”‘s food and clothing bank. Today we had an abundance of food to give away which was part of what had been donated to Christian Life Center yesterday evening. Our refridgerators and freezers were filled yesterday evening and we had already given away van loads to other churches and ministries. Streetlights itself distributed 2 van loads of food to neighborhoods in Riverdale and Greenbelt. It took us 4 hours even with the help of individual families who took enough to bless their neighbors. What a wonderful way to foster closer relationships, both us with them and them with each other.
This particuliar event was a networking between The Salvation Army who donated to Christian Life Center’s Passion and Compassion Ministry, Streetlights of Bethany Ministries, Trininty Assembly of God’s Samaritan Ministry and other individuals who just wanted to help. I was working with Rev. Jonathan at Trinity, when I received a call from Pastor Ben who said “The Lord has opened the windows of Heaven and poured out a blessing such as we cannot contain!” He explained that a major amount of food (chicken, salsbury steak, turkey breasts, fresh veggies, etc. had been donated and more was on the way and to “Get down here , we need help!”

This was particuliarily awesome as I had just minutes before the phone call from Rev. Ben Slye, said to Rev. Jonathan of Trinity Assembly of God, Lanham, that what I really need for the food ministry was meat rather than more bread which we had an abundant source for already, Rev. Ray Ellis. (Not that I was ungrateful, just that I wanted to bless people with meat and veggies, also.)

What a joy we shared together as Passion and Compassion/Christian Life Center, Streetlights of Bethany, The Salvation Army and Trinity Assembly of God all worked together to get this food into the hands of the poor. Trinity Assembly has a Samaritan Ministry which gives out food on Saturday’s also, so both these food banks were stocked for the next day’s events.

Sue would drive down the road and when I saw a family member outside I felt The Lord impress me to approach, she would stop the van and I would jump out. I would grab a bag of broccalli or tomatoes or green peppers, etc and walk up to someone with the food extended. Even those who did not speak English understood I was giving food. I would say “Free” and their faces would light up. I would give and then they would express they could not take anymore. I would then point to neighboring houses and show them that I wanted them to give some away to those families. What a joy to see them respond so well. I witnessed several families come together as they distributed the food between themselves. Glory To God! One of the woman whose household be blessed works in a nursing home. She took enough to cook for her family and the seniors. Lots of Apple Pies were also given away. One of the families we blessed has seven children, the father is going in for surgery in a couple of weeks and he is a single parent. He has just prayed a couple of days before because his freezer was getting empty and he did not have the money to buy enough food, especially meat!

I was able today, during the Passion and Compassion Ministry counselling session to minister to two women who needed jobs. I provided them the numbers for my contact with the government program, CAP which is a part of DORS. Also to minister to a homeless man living in the woods. who needs his birth certificate so he can work. He is a master plumber but lost his documents necessary to obtain work. He does not want housing, preferring to live deep in the woods in his tent; but he does want to work.